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Normal's Overrated. ;)
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4th-Jun-2010 08:10 pm - fucking damnit!
Sophie - you wanker!!
you can't be a peace activist if you have tons of weapons on the fucking ship, no matter how much you try to help humanity!!! they are not 'peace activists'! peace needs to come for both sides, not just for one side and then ok, kill the other side. doesn't work that way. what do you expect when the country told you that we'll do what we did?  so you do it anyways and there you go. the stupid thing from our side though is that we fell right into their hands and got the mean cruel killing people part of the story. this is fucked up. why are we dealing with this fucking strip if we got out of there? stupid stupid stupid !!!

(my writing is unclear but i really had to let out some anger)
7th-May-2010 05:07 pm - Mr. Grumpy' post
Sophie - you wanker!!
The .... is getting on my nerves Game!

+ Over-estimating the importance of  finale exams is getting on my nerves.
+My math teacher! is getting on my nerves.
(Enough with math. Math is getting on my nerves)
+One of my roomates is getting on my nerves. Which is pretty bad. I love her but she's too messy! her stuff are all over the room and she has tonnnns of stuff. And the door! she never close the door! the door never get closed as it should be because it's fucked up, but still! Thank god leaving school in 6 weeks.
+The constant bibe lessons that keeps appearing on our time table totally getting on my nerves! Dear Mr. Principal, I haaate you! (he teaches us the bible lessons.)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH freakin math is not working!!!

EDIT - more ranting
I'm still annoyed. but the thing is I don't know why! and it's making me more annoyed! maybe it's one of the above, probably math, that i should be practicing but it's not working for me. just an annoying friday night. :\
21st-Apr-2010 01:59 pm - So...
Sophie - you wanker!!
LJ stopped couunting the weeks since the last entry lol. The last one was in November. Oops.
So... a lot was going on.. a lot will go on. didn't post something for this whole year, which worth at least 100 entries lol. and it's not over yet. soon will be though...  lol. i have no idea what to write. i guess i'll do it in my old fashion way.

hmmmm *brain wheels starting to work*

BOARDING SCHOOL - in the begining of the year i had a huge conflict if i want to stay there or not. because i was kinda full with it and ready to move on. but then i realized that no other place will be as much fun, full of people that i love and this crazy routine as the boarding school so i decided to stay. my roomate told me to take it as a challenge to stay in the same place for more than 2 years. challange accepted :)

MOVING - we're moving to a base that we've lived in for 2 times before, but it's fine. It's close enough to my friends and to the boarding school, so it's gonna be okay :D we'll start to pack soon, i really can't wait lol. this is kind of a fuck that i got in this lifestyle of moving again and again every 2 years.

SCHOOL - been going okay. we have this kinda thign in israel that for every subject there are final exams for every subject, and for every subject there are 1-5 unites. so there are a few unites in one final exams and bla bla bla. = very long tests. so this year i have history - which is pretty easy, it's just knowing what happened and remember all of it, math - going very bad. my avrage grade in tests is like, 30. but i finally found a way to work this out and i'll be fine, and english - this year's test is pretty easy. defenitely getting above 90.

MUSIC - desperetly waiting for Interpol's new album. after a whole year of 'will come out on eatly 2010' i almost cried when i read new speculations about june-july. even that is not so sure! other than that?..  Broken Bells are amazing :D been listening non-stop since the album got out.

(sorry for the lack of capital letters btw)

lol i can't think of anything else. so i'm gonna watch something on tv. yay for the new season of 30 rock that finally started here! (also: bones (seasonn one, not five. huge fail), modern family, better of ted, and... blah) t

til next time.. :)
8th-Nov-2009 12:07 am - One huge mess... .

It's been 10 weeks since the last entry! To me it seems like noting is going on but stuff happened. 

2 years (or 3? I don't know. I don't even remember what happened yesterday) ago my dad got a Liutenant Colonel (sounds so fancy in english..) rank and it meant that after one job under this title he might get a job aboard. I was so excited when he told us that this promotion in Utah was open for him and I really wished that we'll move there. It also meant that for me, it will be super easy to decide if I want to stay at the boarding school or move with my family. The second choice is the obvius one. But my dad didn't got this job at Utah cause he's "too good for it". AHHH!@ WHAT DO YOU MEAN TOO GOOD? IT'S FREAKING USA FOR 2 YEARS! I WANTED TO MOVE TO SOMEWHERE THAT WE DIDN'T LIVED IN. TWICE!  It really annoys me and I keep thinking all the time what to do next year - not moving to the USA doens't mean that we're not moving. We are, to a place that we already lived in, twice (I already wrote that, lol). I don't like this place at all but it's better from this hole we live in for those last 2 years.

The thing is, that this place is just an hour away from the boarding school, and I could just be in the same school for four years and graduate there, be there with my friends that I know and love and on and on.

From the other side, it means being there for 2 straight weeks, which is very hard because it's rare to get some privecy and "me time" which is super important to me, and this place has a different clock than the real world - it's stuck in a bubble of another time, when it's stops but at the same time the months are flying by. It's super busy in the boarding school, lots of activities, projects, being with friends all the time and trying to get some sleep, tons of traveling, hyking and sleeping outdoors, and it's not really me, but I did it last year and it went pretty well.

New school next year will mean to start all over again - new friends to make, new teachers, a huge school that I don't know and subject to choose that I don't even know what I'm looking for and if I can get in at this late point. Sooo much that I'm thinking about right now.

This is the start of our 3rd year in the same base - something that I'm not really used to and it bugged me that we didn't do the whole "wrapping the house in a week" marathon and moving to some other place. I think that I had enoguh for the boarding school and I don't want to be there anymore.

I know I have a loooot of time to think about it till summer comes and then I'll really have to choose, but right now it's in my head every day......  If they just said to my dad "hey, you're moving aboard, congrads!" it could have been so much easier..

WOW okay that was a long long confeused angry part of what happened in those last few weeks.

Other stuff are going pretty well... I guess I just needed to get it all out. Although I always complain about it to my friend, lol. I'm think she's a bit tired of it.

Can't wait till I'll come home this week and watch it :D

Oh, one more thing.
I just notice that I don't care about tv anymore. Just about House lol. But that's it.... It's weird..

Sorry about all the misspelled words out there. I'm super tired...
Goodnight :)

27th-Aug-2009 02:07 am(no subject)
Sophie - you wanker!!
Summer Check List:

-Go to my friends for a few days. [V] 

-Go to the beach for a camping with friends. [X] Missed it because of London. =\

-Complete my "need to watch" list: 

Rock 30- season 3  [V]
Dexter - season 3 (6-12) [X] I saw what I needed when I saw the (leaked) season premire, when there was this "last season of Dexter..."
Desperate Housewives - season 5 [V] a looooooong time ago.
Moonlight - season 1 [X]
Ashes to Ashes - ? [X]
Pushing Daisies - season 2 [X] So sad that it ended :(
Psych - season 3 [V] is watchig on tv :D started last month :D
The Big Bang - seasons 1 - 2 [v/x] not constantly
Veronica Mars - seasons 1-3 [X] someone from my class is downloading so we'll watch it at the boarding school :D finally.

-Download The OC Mix 1, 4-6.  [X] Ah well...

-London (?) [V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] It was legen.... wait for it.... wait for it...................  DARY! pictures on facebook, of course.  

-Fall deeply in love with MGMT 'cause they're coming to preform here [v/x] I fell deeply in love, no way I'm gonna get to there - same day that school start. :(

-Playing the guitar [V] OF COURSE I DID!!! I know the POTC theme :D and the start of Rebel Rebel and Ziggy Stardust :)
-Name it. [X] Didn't :O Still need to thin about it. It's a him, so maybe it'll be Marty, which is my favorite name for every thingy :P

-Write a movie / tv show script. yeah.. that will keep me busy. :) [ish] thought about it, even characters names and a few plotlines ;)

-Practice math... [V] does one ex. counts? (A)

-Write a Dream notebook. [ish] I did started it. I'm gonna write when i'll have more dreams, probably at the boarding school :P


I guess I did pretty much what I've planned for this vacation.

Most of the time I was between the computer and the tv, staying awake all night... I also was in London which is like a dream come true. I guess that only the thigns that I want by heart, I have a strong will and I make them happen :) And I'm very glad that it is like this. 
I also went to a camping with my family and cousins, which was fun more than I expected :D we went to the most awesome beach in the world! it had clear water and weather was great, and the waves were'nt that bad:D but the most incredible thing was - we were there alone! no any 300000 people on the same beach. I loved it :D

What else?....
Oh. Yeah. School starts in 5 days :D or even 4. yeah I know that I'm messed up. I miss school. Well.... I miss the whole boarding school thing, but it includes school sometimes. All of my craazy dreams this vacation was about the borading school, exept one. It's a bit sad....

And one more thing.
I don't get why we use a capital letter for "I" (as me..), and animal is an "it". I know why "it" but "I" as capital letter is like,"I am a human being and I am more important than any other live thing in this world". With a bit of delay, i (AH!) am proud to say that humanity is over rated. Or.... i watch too much House. i think i do. and proud of it too :P (looking at it 5 minutes after i wrote it, it seems pretty stupid but anyways......)

Aaaand if i mentioned House. A few weeks ago i downloaded a cd of Eels, "Daisies of the Galaxy", which I LOVEEE now. anyways. It has the song "Flyswatter" and I really think it fits to the episode "The Itch" (House/Cuddy, of course.)

Little field mice
Living under the house
Never eating much
Tough life for a mouse
And if you think you're
Gonna be spared
You're wrong

Field mice, head lice
Spiders in the kitchen
Don't think twice 'bout
Whatever keeps you itchin'
Ice water, flyswatter
Gonna get you through
The day

Heat is rolling in like
Hell's red rug
Stinking like the
Breath of Beelzebub
And if you think you won't
Walk on coals
You will

Field mice, head lice
Spiders in the kitchen
Don't think twice 'bout
Whatever keeps you itchin'
Ice water, flyswatter
Gonna get you through
The day
The day

Field mice, head lice
Spiders in the kitchen
Don't think twice 'bout
Whatever keeps you itchin'
Ice water, flyswatter
Gonna get you through
The day

That's real good
Oh yeah

I guess it's just me.
goodnight :)
24th-Jul-2009 09:24 am - No sleep tonight...
Again! I didn't fell asleep. But I sure did discovered new stuff:

 * Around 4am and later, it's the most fun hour to hear your favorite music in the whole wide world, (with earphones, so you wouldn't wake everybody else up.)

 * When the sun rises, the most beautiful thing about it is that minute that a little bit sun first show up and rise up from all the other things that hide it, it has a stunning bright light that just screams "brand new day" and it makes all of the outside glow in an orangy way and it's really pretty :D (oh, poetic me.)

After a while I got out of bed, it was 6:30 I think, and watched Pushing Daisies on tv. So far it was a marathon of 3 episodes lol. I still have 11-13 to watch. Also, I'm a HORRIBLE coffee maker :( 

(Jan! And Michael. get back (togetherrrrr).Pretty please?)
12th-Jul-2009 08:46 pm - 16 days...
Sophie - you wanker!!
Til London!! :D 
5th-Jul-2009 06:02 pm - ARP (another random post!)
LONDON - I made it! I have my parents "yes" to it, which is incredible, but I feel like I'm causing too much trouble for my them... 'cause it's cost a lot of money... also my school. :S but I still hope that I'll get there, 'cause I'm going to visit my friend (that's why I'm going), andd I really miss her.

TV - I watch waaaaaay too much tv. It's like, I wake up, watch tv, computer, tv, computer, tv, computer......... but the cool thing is that I'm watching House S2 and Total Drama Island. Which is waaaaaaaaay better than the real version. Here at least... now they said that season 3 will have 50 episodes. TV sucks here. Except a show called "Night Club". :D

HOUSE S2 - House/Stacy are SO CUTE! I miss House...

SLEEPING - I have sooooo much trouble to fall asleep. Since... ever. But last night just sucked. I went to bed after killing two mosquitoes. I became an expert. Anyways. I went to bed around 1:30am and I was still awake at 5am. In between I built inside of my head a version of how would I write a phone call between Michael calling Jan because he want her to be a part of his Michael Scott Paper Company. It was really cool :D I think I'm gonna post it. I also found out a very cool way to hear music with but still be able to move a lot (I always change positions, like, every 5 minutes. or less) and not get the earphones stuck in the ears 'cause that's too annoying. So I atleast accomplished something from this non-sleeping. After I did fell asleep, I had a very long dream (that I don't remmember), so when I woke up, I was even more tired lol.

JAPANESE FOOD - Srly not for me. 

MOVING - A few weeks ago I had this feeling that something is not in the way it should be. I didn't really knew why but then I got it - our stuff are still all around the house and it's not full of carton boxes and the annoying sound of sellotape. It's really a werid feeling to stay for a third year in this place. I'm kinda sick of its location. Close and far from everything with normal civilization. I'm really looking forward to see where will be our next house 'cause there's a chance that it will be aboard :D And I really like this idea :)

I think that's it for now...
Oh and uh Happy 4th of July! wait... It was yesterday. (when I'm at home and there's no routine everything is starting to mix up.) SO! I hope you had a happy 4th of July everybody :)
1st-Jul-2009 07:23 pm - Goddamnit!
Sophie - you wanker!!

and it's fucking summer vacation right now.
24th-Jun-2009 12:14 pm - Miricle!
Sophie - you wanker!!
I made myself a glass of chocolate milk. and a spoon of "nutella".
THE most awesome chocolate milk ever :)
Sophie - you wanker!!
-Go to my friends for a few days.

-Go to the beach for a camping with friends.

-Complete my "need to watch" list: 

Rock 30- season 3
Dexter - season 3 (6-12)
Desperate Housewives - season 5
Moonlight - season 1
Ashes to Ashes - ?
Pushing Daisies - season 2
Psych - season 3
The Big Bang - seasons 1 - 2
Veronica Mars - seasons 1-3

(more to come...)

-Download The OC Mix 1, 4-6.

-London (?)

-Fall deeply in love with MGMT 'cause they're coming to preform here

-Playing the guitar
-Name it.

-Write a movie / tv show script. yeah.. that will keep me busy. :)

-Practice math...

-Write a Dream notebook.
Sophie - you wanker!!
This video gave me faith in live preformences again

Sophie - you wanker!!
How many languages do you speak?
Hebrew. I know English well and a bit of Spanish and Arabic. And some stupid stuff in Russian. And gibrish German lol. That's it.

Today I saw a movie called "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist". My new favorite movie :D I loved it so much! I'm wondering if there's a real Michael Cera character out there. He's cute with a cool music taste :).

I also started to watch HIMYM s3. It's Legend (waitforit) DARY!!!! I looooove Barney :D He's awwwesome.
I figured that I started to watch a lot of episodes from my "summer vacation to do" list. Having something like tivo that records whatever I wanna watch makes the world a better place to live in. I already started season 3 of 30 Rock, season 5 of Desperate Housewives,  season 2 (and the last one :( ) of Pushing Daisies and season 5 of Project Runway. And started to watch LEVERAGE. Awesome new cool kick ass show. :D 

I'm finally done with my school work, maybe just a math test coming soon and that's it. I'm wondering who's the poor person that made this story about High School time is the worst time of your life. I mean, COME ON!. This (school) year is almost over and I want it to keep going!! So far, it was the best school year everr. I just enjoyed it.  ...  Probably because at school we learned absolutely NOTHING. Like, really nothing. We just saw movies and movies and more movies. I think next year will be tougher. Our English teacher already told it to us. We'll see...  20 days to summer vacation!!! (while 4 of them we're in a field trip called "beach workshop" and another 4 at home..)

I also read a book now. I say it because I haven't read in months! It called The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall. Absolutely AMAZING. If you find it, buy it. I'm not gonna say anything cause it's surprising from the first line trough the whole book. And it's a pretty long one. :)

Oh!@ Another subject. This week had a long weekend because of a holiday. I think I ate so much that I don't ever remember when was the last time I ate so much food in so little time. I like food :D ("I like Julian day!!" XD ) It was also very good, so... :) BTW, what's the story with Memorial Day on USA? Like, I watched Jay Leno and he was like "It's the Memorial Day soon! Long weekend! Are you good at BBQing?". Srsly... I don't get it.. :/

As you can see I have tons of stuff to write about. That's because I don't do this so much. At all.....

I started to miss House MD and The Office. And it's very bad cause I have another 2 months to miss them... :( And Moving Wallpaper! I don't even know if this show will get a 3rd season!.... 

Ah... I think that's it. I have to wake up a bit early tomorrow, and it's 01:44 now, so I think it'll be a good idea if i'l go to sleep.

one last thing. HOUSE FINAL. WAS SO AWESOME!!! at the few first moments after it ended i was still with my mouth like :O and almsot cried but it was brilliant.
30th-Apr-2009 02:04 am - On another different note:
Sophie - you wanker!!
Is it May 4th yet?!
28th-Apr-2009 04:35 pm - Memorial Day(s) thoughts.
Sophie - you wanker!!
I'm finally uploading something! But it doesn't  mean that my life are that boring. I think.

So a few days ago was the Holocaust Memorial Day... there was a little ceremony for it at school, and then we saw the movie Defiance. I think it's a really great movie, but I could stay and watch it 'cause it was just too much... Daniel Craig plays in this movie, and the daughter of his character talked with us for a bit and explained some stuff. The next day after it we had a test about human rights. It was just an aweful timing......

Aaand. Today is the Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day, or as we all call it here Yom HaZikaron. Just because it's shorter.... I thought a lot about the families of those soldiers, and about my little brother and he's not even that little cause he's 10 but he's always gonna be little, and I think that most when he'll serve in the army he'll be in those squads that are out there fighing in tanks and have M15 and kick ass and sometimes get they're ass kicked. I really don't have to think like that, but it's just happens. I also think that a lot of guys from school will be in those kinda stuff. I think waaay to much today....

In the Jewdism, a new day starts when there are 3 stars in the sky, at evening. So today, it's also the Independence day. I'm staying at home... I think it's gonna be boring again.
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